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Hetalia Fanart
Preparing to wrap up school work for the year! I'm getting tired of not drawing and hence churned out something using oil pastels.


Absinthe. After much consideration, that was what Alfred had concluded his eyes were akin to, that peculiar green glint that twinkled and darkened under different lights, all mysterious and forbidden and wrong.

-Something Wicked This Way Comes, by RobinRocks

Time taken: Approximately 9hrs. Sketching took about 2 hrs due to attempts to imitate art style (and failing), rest of the 7hrs where spent on colouring, searching for references and toilet breaks.
Media: Paper, Oil Pastels.
I'm late to the Halloween bandwagon XD This picture is partially inspired by the fanfiction, Something Wicked This Way Comes, by the talented RobinRocks. The hat was left out, due to bad planning on my part (besides, the hat is just an expensive, girly accessory that you can buy off a random accessory shop).

Also at: deviantArt | Tumblr

Extra unfinished sketches:

Derpy Denmark is derpy. Goodness, he's balding. ._.

Never finished drawing Wy, out pf laziness.

Critque welcome! In fact I would really really like some, or all that drawing will get nowhere.

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oh lol I thought I was the only one who planned to post a pic drawn using oil pastels.

I love how you made the skin. so smooth looking (damn hard to do)


I used to attend drawing classes as a kid, and we used to use oil pastels. The way I coloured using oil pastels as a kid and now are completely different. XD The fun thing about them is that they blend very well, and I ended up blending different shades of orange, beige and brown for the skin.

Comparing my works with other works however, my colours are blended together very vigorously, compared to say this drawing of apples ( where the strokes are pretty obvious. I'm not sure if the way I'm doing things is alright.:P

Ahahaha, same here. But I quit after like... 5 months. i guess the lesson stuck to me. (The pic looks nice *A* I wish I can do that)

I'm good with drawing still objects with oil pastels, but nothing else. ex (bad quality pic): Never done an anime character with them yet though, so I thought I should try~

Oh gosh.


Argh I can never do realism to save my life. Hurhurhur all that I know how to draw are anime GIRLS and I fail at guys. D:

I don't see any pencil lines in that drawing. Did you sketch it out beforehand or did you directly draw using the pastels? (You can still see my pencil lines. I should improve on that, contrasts badly in some areas.)

I can only do realism for objects and animals. Background and humans are the bane of my existence when it comes to drawing.

:D And for your question, I cheat and sketch veeeery lightly (not so bad that I have to squint and kill my already bad sight though) using light blue colour pencil. Sometimes, I use light green, orange or yellow but the latter is only used if I know that I'll use yellow or white to colour the object. Pencils are evil, so I stopped using them along with oil pastels

Ah I see! Next time I will have to try that.

I will have to get my hands on a separate penknife to sharpen the pastels too for details. Ohhohoho keep experimenting~

(Deleted comment)
Thanks! I fail at drawing guys. ._. The only stuff that I can do decent work on are girls. But even Wy looks a little wonky in here.:/

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